Using a Cyborg RAT 9 mouse on linux

I found a post in a Debian forum that describes how to use a R.A.T. Mouse on Linux. If you have the same problem like me here is the forum post: the post

Connecting a Teensy 3.0 to a LCD (HD44780 display)

I wanted to use my HD44780 display with my Teensy 3.0, but I couldn’t find any tutorial how to connect it up. Finally I found a picture how to connect it up. I just tried to connect it up and it worked, so I created this picture with Fritzing. To use the LCD you need to create the object in your code. If you connect it up like in this picture you need to create the instance like this: LiquidCrystal lcd(23, 22, 16, 15, 14, 13); To test if it works you can just run the example in Arduino IDE: File -> […]

WebSploit Tutorial install/use

What is WebSploit WebSploit is a framework with some modules for network, web and more…. Install First we have to install the “dependencies”: sudo apt-get install scapy Next download WebSploit from their website. $ wget

MW3 tool to toggle the music

The reason It was very irritating changing the name of the files every time i want to turn the music in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 off. So I programmed this tool.

How to fix: “vsftpd: pam_mysql – required option “db” is not set”

Today I just wanted to create a FTP Server with virtual users so i just used vsftpd. But i got everytime this error: vsftpd: pam_mysql – required option “db” is not set I solved the error by changing my SQL password to a password without special characters like “#*§$…“. It just seems like the /etc/pam.d/vsftpd file dont likes them…. Hope i helped you 🙂 lg Darcade